Save Your Landscape From Erosion and Water Damage

Save Your Landscape From Erosion and Water Damage

Rely on us for retaining wall installation in Gillsville or Gainesville, GA

At Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare, we don't just design and maintain your landscape. We also protect the structural integrity of it. Our team specializes in wood retention walls, but we can also source block retention walls if desired.

With professional retaining wall installation work, you can protect your lawn from a range of concerns, including:

  • Erosion
  • Washouts
  • Compaction

If you're in need of a new retaining wall or drainage system for your home or business in Gillsville & Gainesville, GA, give our skilled team a call.

Why choose Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare to build your new retaining wall?

When it comes to protecting your landscape against erosion or water damage, quality is of the utmost importance. Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare offers premium retaining wall installation services that won't break your budget.

Our experienced team can also make sure your landscape has the proper retaining wall drainage system in place. By hiring Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare for your new retaining wall, you can rest easy knowing everything is built and installed to the highest standard. For retaining wall drainage or installation services in Gillsville & Gainesville, GA and surrounding areas, call our team today.