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Turn Patchy Grass Into a Picture-Perfect Lawn

Learn about our sod installation services in Gillsville & Gainesville, GA

If your lawn is patchy, eroded or dead, laying sod can be a quick and effective solution. Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare specializes in sod installation for properties of all sizes. Whether you need 1 pallet or 50, our team is here to help.

At Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare, we proudly offer competitive pricing for all sod installation services. We source our sod directly from local farms, so we can guarantee the quality of our product every time. If you're ready to transform your lawn into a green oasis, call our team in Gillsville, Georgia, today.

Wondering if sod is the lawncare solution for you?

Sod is an excellent lawncare solution for all types of residential and commercial properties. Instead of waiting for grass seed to germinate and grow - a process that can take a full year - sod installation allows you to enjoy a lush, green lawn within a matter of weeks.

Sod is a great option for patching an existing lawn or starting a new yard. Plus, laying sod can even help prevent erosion and conserve valuable water! For professional sod installation in Gillsville & Gainesville, GA, get in touch with the team at Lee Boy Landscaping & Lawncare today.